Wildwood Park for the Arts

A stone gazebo with a grey tiled roof is surrounded by black eyed susans. The warm natural stone glows in the sunlight, and the waves of Swan lake lap against the steps leading into the water.
The Butler Gazebo...
Ballerinas in white and pastel tutus dance around a maypole. They hold brightly colored ribbons and are teaching the young children around them the steps to the dance.
Ballet Dancers teach park guests a Maypole Dance during a Festival...
A young boy and girl make flower chains from the clover found on Wildwood's green grassy areas.
Playing in the Grass...

What to know

Wildwood Park for the Arts enriches the lives of Arkansans of all ages by creating community through nature and the arts. Wildwood provides opportunities for lifelong learning, engages the imagination and celebrates the human spirit through encounters with nature and a full spectrum of the cultural arts: performing, horticultural, visual, literary, culinary, the wellness arts and more. A 105-acre park, gardens and 625-seat theatre complex make Wildwood one of our state’s most valuable natural and cultural resources.

Park grounds are open to the public free of charge on a daily basis. Admission Fees apply to some events and programming. Indoor and Outdoor event rental spaces available year-round.
20919 Denny Road
Little Rock, AR 72223