Outdoor Cookin' Workshop

11/9/2013 - 11/9/2013
5451 Mountain Pine Road
Mountain Pine, AR  71956

Anyone can cook a hotdog over an open fire. Impress your family and friends by demonstrating your new skills cooking in the most versatile cooking pot ever – the Dutch oven. Whether you’re feeding four or forty, almost any recipe can be adapted to cook in a Dutch oven. They are used for broiling, baking, boiling, and even frying. This 3-hour workshop will cover such things as how to buy, season, and care for a Dutch oven. Participants will get hands-on experience demonstrating different ways to cook with a Dutch oven while creating several dishes to sample. The $15 workshop fee also includes a handout with numerous other tips and suggestions as well as recipes to try later. Registration and a deposit are required as space in the class is limited. Contact the park for additional details.

Park Superintendent