2nd Annual Frightmare Farmhouse at Pumpkin Hollow

9/27/2013 - 10/31/2013

Piggott, AR  72454

Experience more heart stopping, breathtaking fear with Frightmare Farmhouse when, in October, paranormal activity possesses an old abandoned house. In the early 1900s, Dr. Lance Soares began his mortician career and moved into the old Farmhouse to start his business of performing autopsies and prepping the deceased for their wake. On September 28th, 1962 Dr. Soares committed suicide in the Farmhouse. Even more disturbing, Dr. Soares had dug up the corpses and positioned them in the house almost as if Dr. Soares was living with them and having them for guests. Chains securely bind the doors presumably to keep folks out of the abandoned Frightmare Farmhouse. Locals wonder if the chains are also there to keep something in the Farmhouse; they report that you can overhear strange noises such as conversations between Dr. Soares and his undead guests. No one has dared to step through those old funeral home doors until we open them for you to live the Frightmare in September, 2013.

Ellen Dalton
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