Scott Bond Cemetery

Scott Bond Cemetery

What to know

1933 burial plot containing remains of Scott Winfield Bond (March 15, 1852-March 29, 1933), a former slave who gained social prominence and became a self-made millionaire. Set among gently rolling hills near Madison, the Bonds' Cemetery contains a burial plot for Scott Bond and his family. The Bond Plot is 14' X 68' and includes two contributing structures in a low, concrete border, and a memorial marker listing the names of the family members interred there. A noncontributing crypt holding the remains of Ulysses Bond and his wife, Cliffie, is also located within the plot boundary. Both the memorial marker and the crypt are located near the north end of the plot. The central area has two magnolia trees, a sweet gum tree, and two yucca plants growing there. The southern part of the plot is the site for the 12 unmarked burials of Scott and Magnolia Bond and 10 of their 11 children. Listed in the National Register of Historic Places.  First racially mixed cemetery in the county and a stop on the African American Heritage Trail.
Highway 70 West Of 5th Street
Madison, AR 72359