Great River Off-Road Ride


What to know

ROUTE #34: Great River Off-Road Ride A hallmark of this Delta ride is a trip up Crowley’s Ridge, a unique geological formation that rises from the flatlands. The route begins in Lake Village at the intersection of US 82 and Sunnyside Road (AR 142). Turn north onto Sunnyside just before the Mississippi River Bridge, then veer right up and onto Levee Road (CR 403). This road is only marked by a sign that states “No Trucks,” but is very obvious. From here to US 165 at Arkansas Post, the road is covered with loose gravel and has numerous steel cattle guards as it crosses several farms along the way. While this road is not a difficult ride, it offers a banner view of the region. On the east side, you will see the oxbow lakes and forest sloughs that follow the banks of the Mississippi River, and on the west, there are miles of the fertile Delta farmlands. Halfway to Arkansas Post is the quiet little town of Arkansas City, a good place to take a break. From this point, Levee Road changes to Great River Road National Scenic Byway (CR 43). Follow it to the junction of US 165 just south of Arkansas Post. Turn north on US 165, and cross the Arkansas River. Here, you’ll find the entrance to the museum state park. The nearby national memorial commemorates Arkansas’s first European settlement. Leaving Arkansas Post, the route now takes to the asphalt for an hour-long ride toward Crowley’s Ridge, a highlight of this trip. Crowley’s Ridge is also the site of a state park with group lodging, cabins and campsites. Going north on US 165, veer north on AR 1 north toward Marvell. At Marvell, turn east on US 49 toward Helena-West Helena. Just west of town, the route turns north on AR 185 to the intersection of AR 242 West. Follow AR 242 north to CR 217, also known as St. Francis Scenic Byway, where the route turns east into the St. Francis National Forest. The curvy lower portion of CR 217 leads up to Storm Creek Lake where the road changes to dirt. Continue north on CR 217 to CR 221 north toward Bear Creek Lake. Just south of the lake, turn east onto CR 239. Follow CR 239 to the intersection of CR 225, then turn north toward AR 44 and the town of Marianna. The route ends at AR 44 on the north end of Mississippi River State Park. This ride takes about 7 hours to complete.
210 Main St
Lake Village, AR 71653