Ozark National Forest Ride


What to know

ROUTE #32: Ozark National Forest Ride The rugged Ozark National Forest surrounds you on this dual-sport route between Calico Rock and Prim near Greers Ferry Lake. Begin in Big Flat on Endless Road and ride north into the Leatherwood Wilderness Area to Root (or Rand) Road. Here you will head back east to AR 341, Push Mountain Road. Pound the pavement through the extreme curves of Push Mountain Road to CR 74, then head east into the Sylamore WMA. The route connects with CR 75 south to Gunnerpool Road where it heads northeast onto Bear Road. Continue east to Sandy Flat Road for a winding ride to Green Mountain Road. Turn east, and Green Forest Road takes you down the mountain to AR 5. Turn south to meet up with the White River at Allison. The route makes a turn back to the west on AR 14 for another curvy section of asphalt all the way to the city of Fifty-Six, home to Blanchard Springs Caverns, a must-see site along this route.The ride heads south on Mitchell Road, which gives way to the east end of Oak Grove Loop just before you meet up with AR 66 for another turn to the west. Follow AR 66 to AR 263 just west of Timbo. Heading south on AR 263 to the top of the mountain, the route turns east and follows Sunny Fox Road all the way to AR 9. Turn south on AR 9, then a quick turn to the east on Sunnyland Road/CR 206 and follow it to Racket Ridge Road/CR 200 near the Cherokee WMA. Racket Ridge will take the route east to Hanover Road/CR 21 where you head south toward AR 263 and the town of Prim. In Prim, discover Longbow Resort, a unique Ozark getaway with cabins built into massive rock formations, alongside streams and amid undisturbed natural beauty. Turn south on AR 263 and cross over the Devils Fork of the Little Red River where our route ends at AR 92. This route takes about 6 hours to complete.
900 Pirate St
Calico Rock, AR 72519