Real Earth Creations

Real Earth Creations
Sage, Palo Santo, Sweet Grass, and Incense - a great selection....

What to know

The couple behind Real Earth Creations works as a team to collect and produce both natural and hand crafted materials that can be displayed on their own, incorporated into jewelry pieces (some of which they craft themselves), or used as aids in metaphysical and energy work. Materials come from all over the world, starting with those that are available in Mount Ida. Regardless of source and in addition to any other preparatory process, every product is cleansed before it is offered for sale. Need help finding a great place to dig your own crystals around Mount Ida?  While we don't have our own mine, we keep in close touch with the local mines. We're happy to provide you with digging tips, the latest recommendations and information on cleaning your crystal finds.
3024 Highway 270 E
Mount Ida, AR 71957