Friday, March 19, 2021

Basic Letterpress Printing Class

Ozark Folk Center State Park
Basic Letterpress Printing Class

What to know

Taught by Troy Odom

Letterpress Then and Now

This one day class will include basic terminology, hand setting type and plate preparation for printing and finishing of a personalized notepad and notecard. Or, you may bring your own paper or cards and produce a customized print of your choice. (This option requires communication with the instructor before class day).

Utilizing modern plate making techniques and their application will be discussed.

Cost of class is $100.00. Materials and supplies included in class fee. All equipment and tools will be provided. You may bring your own apron and gloves for cleaning. Extended standing and assembling small pieces required.

Registration one week prior to class is required.


Meet the instructor

Troy Odom

We are lucky to have several working letterpresses in The Old Time Print Shop at the Ozark Folk Center, as well as a printer who has devoted his life to teaching the craft of letterpress printing. Join Troy Odom to learn about this craft that brought about literacy and is making a comeback in the modern world. Visit Troy's Old Time Print Shop Facebook page for a look at his shop and his work.

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