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Broom Making in the Ozarks

Ozark Folk Center State Park
Broom Making in the Ozarks

What to know

Learn to make a variety of beautiful and functional brooms. Starting with the simple yet startlingly versatile whisk broom, you will learn to tie, stitch and plait your brooms. You'll move through the styles, learning to make a turkey wing, hawk tail and hearth broom. The class 5-day class will finish up with cob web brooms and kitchen brooms. Your creations will not only be functional objects, but also works of art that display basket weaving (plaiting) techniques. As you tie, you'll learn a little of the fascinating history of the American broom maker and be entertained by your instructor's knowledge and patter.

This class is for those age 16 and up. All broomcorn, wire, twine and handle material is provided and covered in your class fee. You may bring your own sticks for handles if desired. Email Ozark Folk Center Broomsquire Shawn Hoefer directly at [email protected] with any questions.

A nonrefundable fee is to be paid upon registration. An additional class and materials fee is due to the instructor at the beginning of class. Shawn accepts cash/check/credit card. Registration closes two weeks prior to the beginning of class.

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Meet your instructors:
Shawn Hoefer and Radha Larson have been making brooms for more than a decade. They have developed many unique styles and techniques. Shawn and Radha have been recognized for the quality and craftsmanship of their broom by not only the 4,000 people who buy their brooms each year, but also by the Monahan Partners, who sponsor the National Craft Broom Competition in Arcola, Illinois each September. Both Shawn and Lena have won the championship several times, and even more impressive, their students often enter, place and win.

Looking for lodging? The Cabins at Dry Creek are located in the park just down the hill from your classroom. These comfortable, climate-controlled duplex rooms are newly remodeled and offer a private bathroom, queen-sized beds, microwave, and refrigerator. We offer discounts for students staying 3 or more nights. Call (870) 269-3871 to book your stay.

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