Wednesday, October 18, 2023 - Saturday, October 21, 2023

Ground Hog Kiln Wood Firing

Ozark Folk Center State Park
Ground Hog Kiln Wood Firing

What to know

Join us for a traditional groundhog wood kiln firing. This involves loading the 100-cubic foot traditional groundhog kiln. We will load on October 18, and light the fire late that day. Potters will take turns feeding the fire and checking the kiln. The actual firing of the pottery takes up to 30 hours depending on weather. During the firing, workshop participants and volunteers will feed two to three cords of wood into the firebox one piece at a time to allow the kiln to reach its final temperature. The temperature must be checked every 20 minutes and wood added as needed. The kiln then needs to cool. Saturday is the opening day, and the entire day will be spent unloading the kiln and celebrating the new pots.

Potters who register for the workshop can possibly reserve space for their work in the kiln. Contact the park at (870) 269-3854 for more information and clay and glaze specifications.
1032 Park Avenue
Mountain View, AR 72560