Sylamore Creek

What to know

Originating in the Ozark Mountains of North Central Arkansas, Sylamore Creek is a clear, predominately spring-fed stream that empties into the White River above Mountain View. It consists of two branches, North Sylamore and South Sylamore. The North Sylamore flows through national forest land and is used mainly for recreation while the South Sylamore flows predominately through private, pasture lands. Both branches converge at the town of Allison to form Sylamore Creek before emptying into the White River. Sylamore Creek and its branches are known to have excellent fishing. In addition to fishing Sylamore Creek and the White River, other tourist draws in the area are Blanchard Springs Caverns on the North Sylamore and Ozark Folk Center State Park in Mountain View. There are two dams on North Sylamore. One is at Gunner Pool Recreational Area, and the other is at Blanchard Springs. Both create small impoundments. Main tributaries of North Sylamore are Cap Fork, Bear Pen Creek, and MillCreek. Main tributaries of South Sylamore are Roasting Ear Creek, Lick Fork, and Panther Creek. The most abundant rocks are those of limestone and dolomite.
River Access
Mountain View, AR 72560