As its name suggests, this small burg is located in the Boston Mountains. According to the city, about 630 people reside in the city limits but there are 5,000 to 10,000 residents in the surrounding hills and valleys.

Hills and valleys is exactly what makes up the terrain along with the scenic beauty of lakes and streams flowing through the area.

The western terminus of the Ozark Highlands Trail begins here, behind the visitor center at Lake Fort Smith State Park. The eastern terminus is located along the Buffalo National River at the location known as Woolum, 165 miles from Lake Fort Smith State Park. Cabins, fishing, hiking trails and more are available at the park.

Mountainburg is also home to various lodging options of ranches, cabins and retreats. Plus, Artist Point is a well-known attraction. It offers a gift shop and a perfect stop for picture taking.

U.S. 71 carries motorists through Mountainburg and along this curvy route full of panoramic views. Following a former stagecoach route, U.S. 71 rises and falls, twists and turns through the Boston mountain range, allowing travelers to intimately experience the rugged terrain. It’s part of the Boston Mountains Scenic Loop, made up of U.S. 71 and Interstate 49.