Tallest Mountains

in Arkansas
Mount Magazine State Park
Mount Magazine State Park

The Tallest Mountains in Arkansas

Arkansas has a lot more altitude than most people realize — the Ozarks are one of the largest mountain ranges between the Appalachians and the Rockies. To the south, the Ouachitas offer plenty of elevation as well. Aside from breathtaking views, these mountains offer plenty of outdoor recreation, from hiking to bicycling to wildlife watching. Meet Arkansas’s tallest peaks below. 

Mount Magazine (2,753 Feet) 

Mount Magazine is more than just a mountain — it’s a destination all its own. Spend a night at the majestic Mount Magazine lodge or cabins and admire the views. Travel a network of trails on horses, ATVs, mountain bikes or your own two feet. To experience Magazine’s more extreme side, check out the rock-climbing routes or watch hang-gliders launch off the side of the mountain!

Rich Mountain (2,681 Feet) 

You’ll find plenty to do on Rich Mountain, which straddles the Arkansas-Oklahoma border. Take your car, motorcycle or road bike for a scenic trip along Highway 88 (also known as Skyline Drive). Stop by Queen Wilhelmina State Park and check out a hiking trail — including the 225-mile Ouachita Trail — and enjoy the local flora and fauna. The Queen Wilhelmina State Park lodge is also one of the state’s finest. 

Poteau Mountain (2,661 Feet)

This area was once a hunting ground for the Osage tribe and later served as home for the Quapaw and Caddoan tribes. American settlers later moved into the area. Today, Poteau Mountain sits within the Poteau Mountain Wilderness area. Follow Forest Road 158, which traverses 22 miles of ridgeline on Poteau Mountain and offers endless amazing views of the Ouachita Mountains.

Black Fork Mountain (2,661 Feet) 

Tied with Poteau Mountain as the third-tallest mountain in Arkansas, Black Fork is located in the Ouachita National Forest. Traverse the six-mile Black Fork Mountain Trail for a challenge that rewards you with incredible views of the surrounding area, as well as unique plant life and even the rare chance to spot a black bear. 

Plan to check out one of these magnificent mountains or visit them all in one trip — they’re all relatively close to each other and you’ll find plenty of lodging and dining nearby.