Dino Dig

Triceratops dinosaur stands guard outside the Dino Dig building.
The young and the young at heart will love a visit to Dino Dig!...
Glass enclosed room, filled with sand and guarded by large dinosaur replicas.
Dig indoors in our climate controlled dig zone!...
Display cases full of trinkets and souvenirs.
Souvenirs galore await you at our fully stocked gift shop!...
Retail displays of t-shirts and souvenirs inside a store.
T-shirts, souvenirs, gifts and more......

What to know

Come in for fun for the whole family. Enjoy sitting in a climate controlled area while watching the kids dig for treasure among dinosaurs and bones. Our dinosaurs are very vain and love their picture taken – especially with kids!

Young and old alike can dig all day for only $10.00. Keep all the treasures you find in a bag, given to you upon entering. Also enjoy our gift shop for fun and unique gifts and souvenirs for those not fortunate enough to come to the dig!

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1124 North Washington
Murfreesboro, AR 71958