Indian rock cave and trail

335 Snead Drive, Fairfield Bay

This 100-foot-wide, 90-foot-deep and 90-foot-high formation, carved by springs for centuries out of the sandstone cliff, contains petroglyphic evidence of Native American presence generations ago. A three-quarter-mile trail behind the Old Log Cabin accessible from the parking lot of the Indian Hills Country Club leads to the site.


buffalo national river, indian rockhouse Cave

Buffalo National River, 402 N. Walnut, Suite 136, Harrison

Indian Rockhouse Trail (3.5 miles round trip, rated moderate to strenuous) leads to its namesake, one of the largest bluff shelters in the Ozarks, which was used by Native Americans some 4,000 years ago. This trail is located at Buffalo Point, 14 miles south of Yellville on Highway 14, then three miles east on Highway 268.