Resources, Credits

Information on Native American Heritage in Arkansas was compiled from the following sources:


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The Honorable Morris Arnold
Dr. Paul Austin, Executive Director, Arkansas Humanities Council
Lois Bethards, Executive Director, American Indian Center of Arkansas
Dr. Jamie Brandon, Research Station Archeologist, Arkansas Archeological Survey
Rebecca L. Brave, Cultural Program Coordinator and Librarian,
Wah-Zha-Zhi Cultural Center, Osage Nation
Troy Poteete, Executive Director, Trail of Tears Association


Caddo Nation of Oklahoma (
Cherokee Nation (
Osage Nation (
Quapaw Tribe (Oh-Gah-Pah) of Oklahoma (

Photo Credits:

Front Cover: Stouts Point on Petit Jean Mountain, photography by Josue Enriquez
Introduction Page: The Little Red River and Sugarloaf Mountain
Charlie Quapaw (UALR Center for Arkansas History and Culture)
Making of a Cherokee Basket by Virginia Stroud, 2005 (Sequoyah National Research Center)
Head Effigy Vessel (Hampson Archeological State Park)
Native American Percussion Instruments (Arkansas State University Museum)

This booklet is not meant to be a comprehensive resource of Native American sites, information and history in Arkansas, but a selection – and a place to begin. The visitor is encouraged to further pursue the subject by exploring in depth the places identified here.