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Happy New Year Industry Insiders!

Who says you can’t teach an old dog (in our case, a well-established tourism industry) some new tricks?

Several articles in today’s Industry Insider focus on how we can be progressive in 2013. With the current pace of technological advancements, it seems we can never become complacent. We must continue to evolve with the changing consumer environment.

At the same time, there are certain priorities that will never change. The quality of our vacation products and the customer service we offer will always remain of utmost importance.

This January, take an inventory of what your business does that works and also of what might be a little outdated. Maybe make a resolution or two... We hope you find the information below inspiring.

Joe David Rice

Governor’s Conference Registration Now Open

It’s time to reserve your space at the state’s premier tourism event. Registration is now open for the 39th Annual Governor’s Conference on Tourism. This year, you can register online! Click through here to secure your spot at the conference, make a donation to the Tourism Foundation auction, preview the Conference event and find out what our host city of Hot Springs has to offer.

Passionate Fans Keep Passion Play Going

The Great Passion Play in Eureka Springs, which faced foreclosure last fall, is back up and running after a successful fundraising campaign led by a Gospel radio ministry in Oklahoma. Read the full story here.

2013 Media Kit Out and Available

Are you a reporter looking for a great story? You’ll find plenty in this year’s Arkansas Media Kit. This year’s packet includes what’s new all over Arkansas. It also shares the must-visit attractions, top events throughout the state, the best places to capture iconic photography and a bevy of interesting story ideas you’ll want to share. Check out the stories available now in the Arkansas Media Room. The Media Kit is also available on a thumb drive by request.

Crystal Bridges Is On iTunes U

Programming at Arkansas’s world-class museum of American art can now be enjoyed right from your computer, iPad or iPhone. The iTunes U site offers audio or video recordings of all of the gallery talks and lectures taking place at the museum, plus interviews with curators, artists, conservators and behind-the-scenes video of art installations. Check it out by opening CBMuseum on iTunes U.

Mobile Websites Are Becoming Necessities

The Indiana Office of Tourism Development’s “Tourism Tech Corner” blog contains a great post explaining why it’s more important than ever for businesses to have mobile websites. The article includes five reasons to support the argument – the first being that the majority of Americans now have a smartphone. Read about each point in the full article.

2013: The Year of the Consumer

A recent article on includes a prediction that “Targeting specific customers with tailored offers will become a much bigger business in 2013... New technology could help the decades-old concept of personal marketing explode – and make 2013 the Year of the Consumer.”

So with this forecast in mind, it’s important to take a survey of how last year went for your business and how you can tailor your customer service model to take advantage of the trends of the coming year. Cynthia Clark, senior writer with 1to1 media did just this. Take a look as she remembers five companies that exhibited standout customer service in 2012.

Arkansas Industry Insider NewsletterArkansas Industry Insider Newsletter
Arkansas Industry Insider Newsletter
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