Sponsored: Arkansas National Guard Museum

A white building with flags lining the path to the entrance.
Explore the history of the Arkansas National Guard....
Aerial of of white building. Green grass surrounds the museum while several flags line the walkway leading to the entry. Ten military tanks are on the left of the museum.
The Arkansas National Guard Museum is located on Camp Robinson....
Military tanks are on display outside of a white building. A M-47 Patton tank with a white star is at the front of the image.
See the collection of military tanks including the M-47 Patton....
Two, original military jeeps with white numbers are on the right side of the image. Another piece of military equipment with wheels is on the left side. Framed artifacts hang on the walls.
Artifacts, photos and original military vehichles are in the museum's collection....
A scale model of a military base is on display and has glass and wood surrounding the model. Historical photos hang on the walls behind the model.
Exhibits showcase the history Camp Robinson Military Post, including this scale model of the post in...

What to know

The Arkansas National Guard Museum is the definitive collection of artifacts and history related to the Arkansas National Guard, as well as the state militias that preceded it. Located inside Camp Robinson military post in North Little Rock, the museum features military hardware from every era, from muskets and frontier rifles to field artillery and tanks. It also tells the history of the post which was established in 1917 as one of 32 cantonments constructed around the country after the U.S. entered the Great War. Camp Pike/Robinson has been in operation since.
Regular events and guest speakers illustrate the rich and transformative history of military service in Arkansas. Admission is free at the Arkansas National Guard Museum in North Little Rock.

As the museum is located inside a military post, visitors will need to show identification—either military identification or a driver’s license, as well as vehicle registration and proof of insurance—in order to get a day pass. Open weekdays, 8 a.m. until 3 p.m., and one weekend each month.

6th & Missouri, Camp Robinson
North Little Rock, AR 72199-9600