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Alum Cove Natural Bridge Trail

This trail leads down to one of the largest natural bridges in this part of the country. It is in a beautiful little valley enclosed by a rugged bluff line. The natural bridge is carved from solid rock by a small creek and spans over 130 feet. The trail goes across the natural bridge and then loops back underneath. It then goes through the valley, across a small creek to a long bluff line, and back through the valley to the natural bridge. There are large cave-like rooms to explore, and smaller natural bridges which are weathered out of this sandstone bluff. The valley contains a large variety of wildflowers and trees including Dogwood, Redbud, Umbrella Magnolia, and Beech. From the natural bridge, retrace your steps to the trailhead. This section is steep, so take your time climbing out.
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Alum Cove Recreation Area
1 1/10 miles
3/4 hour
Trailhead Location:
15 miles south of Jasper on Hwy. 7, then west 1 mile on Hwy. 16, then northwest on Hwy. 327 for 1 mile.