Trail Details

River Corridor Trail

This trail is a 12-mile linear trail that winds its way through some of the roughest, yet most scenic, terrain found in the Ouachita Mountains. The trail is broken up into sections according to the river access areas. Plan for approximately six-eight hours per leg. This trail is excellent for backpacking, but park management asks that hikers limit their camping to the access areas, (Ed Banks, Sandbar, Cossatot Falls and Hwy. 278 Access Area.) Parking is available at each of the access areas if you do not wish to hike the entire trail. Along the way you will observe many wonderful views of the river corridor and its geological features. The terminus for this trail is the Hwy. 278 Access Area.
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Cossatot River State Park-Natural Area
12.5 miles
20 hours
Trailhead Location:
Cossatot River State Park-Natural Area is south of Mena. The northern route is via Hwy. 246 between Vandervoort and Athens. The southern route is via U.S. 278 between Wickes and Umpire.