Trail Guides

Arkansas Trails and Hiking Guides Can Show You The Way...

There are a number of different information sources for maps and trail guides in Arkansas. The Ozark Interpretive Association is a not-for-profit organization based in Mountain View, Arkansas. They offer a wide variety of information from many different sources including Forest Service trail maps, Buffalo National River trail maps, private trail guides, specific wilderness area maps, and a variety of naturalist field guides, identification guides, etc. Call the Ozark Interpretive Association at (501) 296-1877 or (888) 757-2246 for more information.

Tim Ernst is a noted hiker, photographer, volunteer, and trail resource. Tim authors a number of excellent Arkansas hiking guides which provide an information supplement to some trails and a sole source of information for other trails. These guides provide a detailed description of the trails along with accurate maps and mileages. To order any of these books, or for a complete list of Tim's books, check his Web site: Cloudland.

Information about most of the Arkansas trails mentioned in Ernst's hiking guides is also available at, which is, in part, kept up to date by Ernst.

Trails Illustrated, Inc. is a private company based in Evergreen, Colorado. They produce high quality trail maps generally for national parks and other popular hiking destinations. They produce two maps which cover the Buffalo National River: the west half and the east half. The maps may be ordered online.

For information on trails around Central Arkansas, check the Trails of Central Arkansas blog.  A companion book of the same name is available for purchase.

For hiking in areas without trails, or for detailed topographic information: United States Geological Survey quadrangle maps may be purchased from the Arkansas Geological Commission.