Country Monks Brewing

What to know

Country Monk's Brewing was founded in 2018 and currently offers 3 unique Benedictine style brews: Pale Ale, Abbey Amber, and Stout.

To combat the heat Br. Basil Taylor decided to try his Brewing hand at a nice refreshing wheat beer. So on sale, along with our regulars, we have the new monastic beat the heat wheat beer.

We have on tap: Pale Ale, Amber Amber, Stout and Irish Red. In cans, we have Pale Ale, Amber Amber, Stout, and Monastic Wheat and a limited supply of Irish Red.

Located at the Historic Subiaco Abbey, the monks brew amazing beers, sell monk sauce and Abbey Brittle. 
405 N Subiaco Ave
Subiaco, AR 72865