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A spa experience in The Natural State

A spa experience in The Natural State

Pictured here is Turtle Cove Spa at Mountain Harbor Resort on Lake Ouachita.

Taking a spa vacation in Arkansas is a natural thing to do. Two of the state’s major tourist destinations were founded as spa towns—Hot Springs and Eureka Springs. The waters of Hot Springs are so precious they are federally protected. And what an experience they offer! Water from the springs is piped into Buckstaff Bathhouse, the only bath house on Bathhouse Row that is still in operation, along with the spa facilities as such hotels as the historic Arlington and Majestic Hotels. Several other properties offer spa services around The Spa City and surrounding region; all you have to do is choose the one that appeals to you.

Eureka Springs’ therapeutic waters on which the town was founded were different than those in Hot Springs in that they were not thermal springs. Like Hot Springs the medicinal values of the springs were what brought people to the area and bathhouses sprang up. Today only one is still in operation – the Palace Hotel and Bathhouse – though there are other spa facilities in Eureka. A variety of services are offered from massages and facials to mineral baths and needle showers.

Day spas can be found in towns around Arkansas such as Little Rock, Magnolia, Fayetteville and Conway.