Restaurants in Pine Bluff

If you’re hungry in Pine Bluff, you won’t be for long. As an Arkansas Delta town, of course there’s plenty of great barbecue spots and catfish is a given. But Pine Bluff has much more.

The Colonial Steak House has been a regional favorite for nearly 50 years. Located in a Tudor-style building that served as an elementary school and a training facility for returning veterans after World War II, Colonial is known for their hand-cut, charcoal grilled steaks steaks, along with the Cotton Blossoms appetizers, the cheesy au gratin potatoes and their famous Black Bottomed Pie.

The city also offers a variety of food trucks, ranging from barbecue to fried fish and chicken to Southern classics. There’s plenty of dining options, ranging from fast food to Tex-Mex to Asian fusion to Soul food. Explore Pine Bluff has a complete listing of all the yumminess, including coffee shops, donuts and chocolate treats!