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Wildlife Farms, Casscoe

If you look up “resort” in the dictionary, it is defined as such: a place to which people frequently or generally go for relaxation or pleasure, especially one providing rest and recreation facilities for vacationers. A “lodge” is described as: a resort hotel, motel, or inn.

You’ll find both in The Natural State – all shapes, sizes and prices with a variety of amenities. Whichever you choose, whether it’s a sprawling facility overlooking a lake or river or a more intimate place tucked into the mountains, you’ll find a place to rest, relax and have a wonderful experience.


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White Hole Resort Pet-friendly

Flippin, Arkansas
Phone: 870-453-2913

Wildcat Shoals Resort Handicap Accessible Pet-friendly

Flippin, Arkansas
Phone: 870-453-2321

Legacy Ranch

Foreman, Arkansas
Phone: 866-798-6031

Saint Scholastica Center Handicap Accessible

Fort Smith, Arkansas
Phone: 479-783-1135

Meadow Creek Learning & Retreat Center

Fox, Arkansas
Phone: 501-993-2316

Bayou Resort

Gamaliel, Arkansas
Phone: 870-467-5277

Blue Lady Resort Handicap Accessible Pet-friendly

Gamaliel, Arkansas
Phone: 870-467-5115

Hickory Hills Resort Pet-friendly

Gamaliel, Arkansas
Phone: 8704675255

Norfork Lake Ozark Mountain Lodge Pet-friendly

Gamaliel, Arkansas
Phone: 870-467-5500

Take it Easy Resort

Gamaliel, Arkansas
Phone: 870-467-5284

Wagon Wheel Resort Lake Norfork Pet-friendly

Gamaliel, Arkansas
Phone: 870-467-5800

Ventris Trail's End Resort

Garfield, Arkansas
Phone: 479-359-3912

Whitney Mountain Lodge

Garfield, Arkansas
Phone: 479-359-3201

Triple D Bunk & Grub

Gilbert, Arkansas

Buckshot Duck Lodge Handicap Accessible

Gillett, Arkansas
Phone: 870-548-3334

Glenwood Country Club & Lodge Handicap Accessible

Glenwood, Arkansas
Phone: 870-356-4422

Bellawood Resort Handicap Accessible

Greers Ferry, Arkansas
Phone: 870-307-2168

Riverview Falls

Hardy, Arkansas
Phone: 870-404-1601

Shepherd of the Ozarks

Harriet, Arkansas
Phone: 817-310-0280

Abbe House Inn & Sports Resort Handicap Accessible

Heber Springs, Arkansas
Phone: 501-250-2223

Duck Masters Lodge

Heber Springs, Arkansas
Phone: 901-870-0025

Lindsey's Resort Handicap Accessible Pet-friendly

Heber Springs, Arkansas
Phone: 501-362-3139

Red Apple Inn Resort

Heber Springs, Arkansas
Phone: 501-362-3111

Red River Adventures Trout Resort

Heber Springs, Arkansas
Phone: 501-362-3327

Showing 76 - 100 of 248 results