Lower Delta
Occupation: Music Minister and Evangelist
Originally from: Dermott
New home: Dermott

Renowned minister and gospel singer Charles Graham traveled around the world before returning to his roots. As a child, Charles lived in Dermott where he and his family worked in the fields. Charles grew up, left for college and lived away for 34 years. He worked and traveled around Europe, Africa and the Americas, only returning to Arkansas for visits. He thought he would never live in Arkansas again, but he knew he wanted to make one final move. “When I realized I was making plans to move back to Arkansas I also realized that God had changed my heart about the place I had once called home,” he said. Once in Arkansas, he purchased a property where his family had worked when he was a child. As a boy, Charles dreamt about being able to see inside the house that he now owns. As a man, he uses his home to promote fellowship and community in the area. “I get to live alongside everyone in my community, share fellowship and life together,” he said.

Insider Knowledge

Your town in three words:
  • Resilient, persistent, history
Best places to eat:
  • Dermott Barbecue
Best local event:
  • Dermott Community Festival (formerly the Dermott Crawfish Festival)
Must-do activity:
  • Taking a long drive through the countryside
Favorite day trip:
  • Lake Chicot State Park in Lake Village
Advice for folks planning to move to your town:
  • Give people a reason to know you, find a way to serve, community, school or church.