Upper Delta
Occupation: Town Developer for Wilson, Arkansas
Originally from: Sarasota, Florida
New home: Wilson

John Faulkner has moved for work to various places: Massachusetts, Connecticut and Tennessee, to name a few. Relocating for work is one thing, but working to reinvent your new home is another. That’s why Faulkner moved to Wilson — to lead a renaissance of the tiny town. John is the Town Developer for Wilson and is employed by Gaylon Lawrence, who bought the town in 2010 and kick-started its revitalization, according to an article by The New York Times. While John is making history in the Upper Delta, he is also getting back to his roots. When he was younger, he spent summers on the family farm near the Mississippi River with his grandfather. John says he loves the history and culture in his area, but his favorite thing is the spirit of innovation that pervades the town. “Wilson is in a process of renewal,” he said. “You can feel the positive energy of change here.”

Insider Knowledge

Your town in three words:
  • Historic, changing, pure Delta
Best places to eat:
  • The Wilson Cafe
Best local event:
  • The Wilson Music Series
Must-do activity:
  • Gravel road ride to the Mississippi River
Favorite day trip:
  • Little Rock
Advice for folks planning to move to your town:
  • Expect to meet kind-hearted and sincere people.