The University of Arkansas in Fayetteville’s Sam Walton College of Business draws people from all over the world to receive a top-notch education in the beautiful Ozarks. While some venture off to other parts of the state and country after graduation, Dallas transplant Mo Elliott decided that northwest Arkansas was where he could stay and thrive.

Look to the popular clothing line, Fayettechill—a company he started just a few years ago that has branched into the national retail landscape. His brand creates “experience inspired apparel for outdoor enthusiasts,” with the ultimate goal of bringing the Ozarks to the nation.

Thanks in part to a thriving retail industry created by Walmart headquarters’ Bentonville presence, Elliott said Fayetteville truly turned out to be an ideal home base for Fayettechill.

“Everything is here that I need to run a national apparel brand,” he said. “We are in the Silicon Valley of retail and being in northwest Arkansas, that certainly helps our growth of the brand.”

Local industry aside, Elliott’s motivation to nurture his company in Fayetteville has more to do with the things that lured him away from Dallas in the first place: its great outdoors and abundance of recreational amenities—the essence of which shoppers see on the front of each and every T-shirt and hat he sells.

The region’s burgeoning cultural scene is a great draw too, he said. “From a cultural perspective, the arts and music are growing aspects of our area and make for a great living experience.”


Insider Knowledge

Where to eat:
  • Theo’s
  • Fayetteville Hammontree’s
  • Fayetteville Arsaga’s
  • Fayetteville Greenhouse Grille
Best Local Event:
  • Fat Tire Mountain Bike Festival, Eureka Springs (August)
  • Fayetteville Farmers Market, Fayetteville (April-November)
Be Sure To Do This:
  • George’s Majestic Lounge, Fayetteville
  • Pub crawl on Dickson Street, Fayetteville
Best Day Trip:
  • Floating on the Buffalo River
Advice for Moving Here:
  • Pick an outdoor recreation hobby that you can enjoy, and use the Ozarks as your canvas to enjoy your sport.