North Central
Mayor & General Manager of the Fairfield Bay Community Club
Originally from: Girard, Kansas
Home now: Fairfield Bay

At age 18, Paul Wellenberger married his childhood sweetheart Cindy. After college graduation, the pair—who grew up in Monticello— moved to Dallas for Paul’s career. His hard work paid off, allowing him to retire at 47—and the Wellenbergers knew exactly where they wanted to go: Fairfield Bay. “The beauty, wildlife, community spirit, outdoor activities and the diversity of people were very appealing,” he said. His affection for the community has only grown, which is one reason Paul says he’s never leaving. Another is the city’s great local events like the Fourth of July Parade—his grandkids’ favorite. “Fairfield Bay is absolutely the best place I’ve ever lived. It’s absolutely beautiful.”

Insider Knowledge

Your Town in Three Words:
  • volunteers/kindness/proud
Best Place to eat:
  • The Little Red Restaurant
Best Local Events:
  • Oktoberfest/Boati Gras/Bloomin’ in the Bay
One Thing Everyone Must Do:
  • The marina fish feeding frenzy
Best Day Trip:
  • Mountain View