Lower Delta
Occupation: Executive Director of the McGehee Desha Alumni Community Center
Originally from: McGehee
Home now: McGehee

Born and raised in McGehee, nothing was going to stop Rubye Emerson from getting out to try new things. Off to college she went, attending Purdue University in Indiana. Business opportunities led her to Denver and Pleasanton, Calif., but eventually, Rubye’s heart called her home. She came back to restore her grandfather’s farm, and helped childhood friends create the McGehee Desha Alumni Community Center. “[We turned an] old building into a blessing to the community,” she said. The center helps youths become productive members of society through tutoring, workforce training and employment. She is proud of her work and hometown.

Insider Knowledge

Your Town in Three Words:
  • laid back/quiet/friendly
Best Place to eat:
  • Jalisco’s Mexican Restaurant
Best Local Events:
  • Owl Fest
  • One Thing Everyone Must Do:
  • Get a haircut at Style Emporium
Best Day Trip:
  • Get a haircut at Style Emporium