Occupation: CEO of El Dorado Festivals and Events
Originally from: Daphne, Alabama
Home now: El Dorado

For just moving here from Cleveland, Terry Stewart is already one of the most influential Arkansans in the region. The former head of the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame is now the CEO of El Dorado Festivals & Events, and he wants the city to be the hottest arts destination in the South. With the help of right-hand man Austin Barrow (pictured, right) and a $75 million pool of funds, Terry works rapid-fire toward a late 2016 debut. There’ll be an amphitheater and park, a cabaret, a hotel—to name a few—and countless new events. “I believe in what El Dorado is trying to do, and I think it’ll be a template for other small towns in America struggling to find their way in the 21st Century,” Terry said.

Insider Knowledge

Your Town in Three Words:
  • bold/bodacious/visionary
Best Place to eat:
  • Fayrays
Best Local Events:
  • All the events we’re planning for next year
One Thing Everyone Must Do:
  • Showdown at Sunset
Best Day Trip:
  • Hot Springs