Friday, March 15, 2024 - Saturday, November 09, 2024

Exhibit - Last Call: History of Alcohol in the Ozarks

Rogers Historical Museum

What to know

The Rogers Historical Museum announces a new temporary exhibit, “Last Call: History of Alcohol in Ozarks” on show March 15 through November 9, 2024.

The tangled history of moonshiners and bootleggers versus the energetic women of the temperance society all played important roles in the complicated story of alcohol in Arkansas. This exhibit follows the chronological pendulum of Arkansas law as it swings back and forth through the years between the cold sober teetotalers who campaigned for dry counties and the high-spirited bibbers who supported wet counties. See how the legacy of this historic battle led to the present-day success of more retail alcohol sales than ever before in Northwest Arkansas.

Included in the exhibit are an authentic Ozarks copper still, a mid-20th century commercial wine bottling machine, as well as many local stories and historic photographs.

313 South Second Street
Rogers, AR 72756