Boston Mountains

Boston Mountains Scenic Loop/U.S. 71 and I-49

Two very different roads crossing the highest part of the Ozark Mountains combine to make the Boston Mountains Scenic Loop one of the Natural State's most interesting driving tours and most scenic motorcycle rides.

Following a former stagecoach route, U.S. 71 rises and falls, twists and turns through the Boston mountain range, allowing travelers to intimately experience the rugged terrain. Along the way are small mountain towns, roadside farms, antique and other shops, and travel courts.

Not far to the west, I-49 defeats the mountains streams, valleys and ridges with several soaring bridges and a tunnel carrying the speeding traffic of a super-highway.

Both routes offer impressive mountain vistas. I-49's cleared right-of-way is sufficiently broad to give those traveling 70 m.p.h. a good look at the countryside; the Boston Loop on U.S. 71 offers many locations to pull off the road and commune with the mountains. There are also plenty of opportunities along the route to go hiking in the Ozarks.

ROUTE: The Boston Mountains Scenic Loop consists of two state-designated scenic byways, U.S. 71 and Interstate 49, both of which run between Alma and Fayetteville in Northwest Arkansas.

LENGTH: U.S. 71, 42 miles; I-49, 38 miles.



Shopping, lodging and dining are available in Alma at the southern end of the Boston loop and Fayetteville at the north end.

Cabins and camping are available near the Boston loop at Devil's Den State Park, at the White Rock Mountain Recreation Area and at the Lake Wedington Recreation Area.