Sunday, March 17, 2024

Folded Together

Plantation Agriculture Museum

What to know

At the end of World War II, a group of six Japanese American families who had been held in the Rohwer War Relocation Center moved to a plantation in Scott. With those families were several children who, despite their young age, had already faced many hardships. Many of the children in Scott who would go on to be their friends and schoolmates had faced challenges of their own as their families tried to recover from the Great Depression and the strain of war. Regardless of their background, all of these children had hopes and wishes for the future. In Japanese folklore, it is believed that those who fold 1,000 paper cranes in a year will have a wish come true. Join museum staff to learn how to fold paper cranes of your own and begin your journey towards 1,000 cranes. Who knows, you might even find that your wish comes true.

4815 AR Hwy 161 South
Scott, AR 72142