Linking Policy

Set your sites on Arkansas! You can help spread the word about the Natural State and the great things available here by placing a link to on your web site. Linking to and from related sites helps both sites perform better for keywords in search engines. promotes a positive image of the state by demonstrating that there is a lot to do and see in Arkansas.


Qualifying Web Sites to be Listed on/or Linked from receives more than 315,000 visits each month, and the figures continue to grow. The Department encourages all tourism websites to link to and assist in promoting "The Natural State." Note: Any website can link to This policy deals with links from

The State Parks, Recreation and Travel Commission and the Arkansas Department of Parks and Tourism have adopted the following criteria for websites to which will link:

  • Websites should promote Arkansas tourist facilities and services, attractions, events, and/or retirement/relocation facilities.
  • Websites that are department related such as: government agencies, Keep Arkansas Beautiful and the Arkansas History Commission contacts will be linked.
  • Official Chambers of Commerce, Regional Tourism Associations, Convention and Visitor Bureaus, and Advertising and Promotion Commissions sites will be the featured links throughout the site. All other city promotional sites will be linked only from the tourism contact listing page. In the event that there is more than one site per city, the site that is more closely related to tourism will be the featured link.
  • If a qualifying website includes special programming that "traps" the visitor within the site and does not allow the visitor to return to the site by clicking the "back" button, the link to that site will be removed.

    All questions or comments should be sent to

Non-Qualifying Website Policy

  • Political campaign websites will not be linked from
  • Websites containing offensive language or pictures that could be defined as being in bad taste will not be linked from
  • Service websites such as automobile and RV repair are encouraged to link to their related association websites. Association listings may then be included where deemed appropriate on
  • Arkansas outdoor sport facilities/shops websites are encouraged to link to regional/chamber websites that are linked to will not provide a direct link to these facilities unless trip/outfitting services are involved.
  • The Department will not link to websites that promote business not related to tourism or other departmental functions.

NOTE: Links from to websites not addressed in this policy will be provided at the discretion of the Arkansas Department of Parks and Tourism, and the Recreation and Travel Commission.