Experience the beauty of Arkansas's fall foliage

Fall is one of the most popular times of the year to visit Arkansas because of its excellent fall foliage. Every autumn, nature paints the mountains and valleys of The Natural State with gorgeous hues of gold, red and orange. Many of Arkansas's visitors travel here for special fall vacations to catch a glimpse (and take some incredible photos) of the season. Scenic drives showcase autumn's finest while allowing you to explore the state's varied topography on a fun-filled road trip.

Fall colors begin to appear in the Ozarks and other northern sections of the state by the second week in October and continue slowly southward. Mid to late October generally provides peak fall color in the northern portions of Arkansas. October and November are two of the most popular months for visitors due to the beautiful fall colors and favorable weather.

The Natural State's autumn attractions aren't limited to scenery; fall weather is ideal for enjoying the variety of outdoor activities that the state has to offer. Outdoor enthusiasts flock to Arkansas for camping, hiking, biking, and rock climbing. While many of our northern neighbors are covered in snow by the fall, Arkansas ranges from the 40’s to the 70’s in the fall months, making it a perfect getaway before winter takes over. 

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Fall Color Reports 2021

11/11/2021: It's here! Peak color has arrived in Arkansas. A short drive down I-30 in central Arkansas shows a kaleidoscope of colors - but pay attention to the road! It's easy to get distracted by the bright reds and yellows of fall. The forecast around the state looks promising for leaf-peeping this weekend, so grab your jacket and scout out your spot now! 

11/4/2021: While we're still not seeing peak color show up around the state, it's certainly just around the corner. Central Arkansas is starting to see some pops of truly stand-out fall color, as well as North Central and Northwest. Though we hesitate to make any specific predictions or forecasts, the cold snap happening right now will hopefully spur on the gorgeous multicolor canopies we're waiting for. There's still plenty to see and this weekend will be the perfect time to make the trip up to the northern areas of the state for reds, oranges and yellows popping everywhere. Make your plans now to visit The Natural State!

10/28/2021: Is that a blip of color in the Northwest corner of the state? While peak color usually happens this week, it seems the trees aren't quite ready to burst into color. William Armacost, manager at the Arkansas Welcome Center at Bentonville, sent in a report this week and over all, it seems the colors in northwest Arkansas just need a few more days to really show off. "The Upper Buffalo Wilderness and Boxley Valley are showing nice color but could use a few more days," said Armacost. 

10/21/2021: How many ways can we say "not quite yet?" Another week, another slow spread of fall color. But when will it change? Leaves lose their green color when the days get shorter and the temperature drops, stopping the "food-making" process. Chlorophyll (what makes leaves green) breaks down leaving behind a sea of reds, oranges, and yellows. Or at least, one hopes. As of right now, the treetops are typically the only indication that a change is occurring across most of the state. Higher elevations, of course, will see more change. Hang tight, everyone - bright fall foliage is headed our way soon. 

10/14/2021: The warm weather this week combined with the reluctance of the leaves to bare their bright colors might convince you that summer has decided to overstay its welcome; but, look to the Ozarks and Northwest Arkansas for bright pops of color among the green tree line. The higher up you go, the more color you'll see! Peak fall colors are still on their way, even if they happen to be taking the scenic route.

10/7/2021: Patchy and partial color has entered the state! As expected, our higher elevations are seeing the green slowly fade into the bright fall colors we've been waiting on. Hints of autumn dot the trees in Northwest Arkansas, giving a sneak peek at what's to come. It's the perfect weekend to take a drive through the Ozarks and admire the foliage as it begins to turn.

9/30/2021: Week two of waiting patiently for the fall colors to arrive is here, although many of us have been waiting much longer than that! While there are still a few anomalies here and there, the bright fall foliage one expects is taking its time with the majority of the state still dressed in lush shades of green. Bide your time by finding a gathering of early-fallers and crunch through in your favorite autumn boots. The trees will show their colors soon enough!

9/23/2021: Welcome to fall in Arkansas! Between our temperate climate and lush foliage, autumn in Arkansas is a treat for all leaf-peepers. This year, we're already seeing spotty color changes in central Arkansas, which is a little early but definitely welcome! It isn't easy to predict exactly when the leaves will begin to turn, but generally you can expect the Ozarks and other northern sections of the state to turn by the second week in October. Throughout the rest of October and into November, colors will continue slowly southward, covering the state in red, orange, and yellow. Every Thursday starting today and continuing through November 18, you'll get an email from us letting you know where the best fall foliage can be found in The Natural State.