Experience the beauty of Arkansas's fall foliage

Fall is one of the most popular times of the year to visit Arkansas because of its excellent fall foliage. Every autumn, nature paints the mountains and valleys of The Natural State with gorgeous hues of gold, red and orange. Many of Arkansas's visitors travel here for special fall vacations to catch a glimpse (and take some incredible photos) of the season. Scenic drives showcase autumn's finest while allowing you to explore the state's varied topography on a fun-filled road trip.

Fall colors begin to appear in the Ozarks and other northern sections of the state by the second week in October and continue slowly southward. Mid to late October generally provides peak fall color in the northern portions of Arkansas. October and November are two of the most popular months for visitors due to the beautiful fall colors and favorable weather.

The Natural State's autumn attractions aren't limited to scenery; fall weather is ideal for enjoying the variety of outdoor activities that the state has to offer. Outdoor enthusiasts flock to Arkansas for camping, hiking, biking, and rock climbing. While many of our northern neighbors are covered in snow by the fall, Arkansas ranges from the 40’s to the 70’s in the fall months, making it a perfect getaway before winter takes over. 

You’ll also find fun, family-oriented fall festivals and events all over the state.


Fall Color Reports 2019

September 25: According to our calendars – but perhaps not our thermometers – fall has arrived! Although the hot and dry conditions have caused some leaves to fall prematurely, a bright yellow leaf can be spotted here or there amongst the rich greens that define an Arkansas summer. Be patient and curb your disappointment as you hit the road and only hear a slight flutter of leaves behind you – peak fall colors will be here before you know it.

October 2: We will soon feel cooler temperatures in The Natural State, yet fall colors continue to evade us for the most part. The leaves on the trees are trying their best to display bright reds, golds and oranges, but fall landscapes continue to stay just out of reach. Popular predictions suggest we will have to wait a bit longer for the colors to really take off. In the meantime, take solace in the quiet rustle of leaves that have prematurely departed from their limbs and let a relaxing October evening take you away. 

October 10: Arkansas has been experiencing crisp fall mornings, but where are the bright colors promised by a brisk breeze? The yellow is creeping in, and here and there you’ll see a pop of red in a maple tree, but green foliage continues to prevail. The wait is almost over, though – look to the Ozark Mountain region in the next few weeks for the first widespread color change. By the end of the month, the entire state should see noticeable development. Until then, grab your favorite sweater and hot beverage of choice and enjoy the cooler weather.

October 16: After a brief stint of cool weather, Arkansas temperatures are expected to be back in the 70s this week. Color is minimal in the northern part of the state with the yellows from last week still creeping in. By next Saturday, Arkansas should see colors finally start to become more vibrant and widespread. There may be more visible fall colors on trees around water sources, so take advantage of the temperate weather and tie your hammock up at the lake!

October 23: Fall weather has finally arrived in The Natural State. Although the highs are still in the 70s this week, overall the weather is cooler and looks like it is here to stay. Colors are starting to show in Northwest Arkansas with sightings of bright red leaves at Mount Magazine State Park. Further south, color changes on trees are still minimal but should improve by next week.

October 31: Northwest Arkansas, you are looking bright and beautiful! Colors are popping through on the Boston Mountains Scenic Loop, also known as the "Pig Trail." This area of the state typically sees fall colors first, but it won't be much longer before the rest of the state transforms into a vibrant palette of red, gold, and orange. This week kicks off the ride deep into fall colors, with peak color expected the week before Thanksgiving. Grab your camera and a coat -- it's time to get outside and #VisitArkansas!

November 6: Peak fall color is not too far away now! Northwest Arkansas is near peak, making it an excellent area for a scenic drive this weekend. The rest of the state is showing partial colors and quickly catching up. With only a few more weeks of fall left, get outside and take advantage of all the colors The Natural State has to offer! 

November 13: Fall colors have exploded across The Natural State. From north to south, east to west, every section of Arkansas is seeing some measure of color. Northwest Arkansas is near peak, while the rest of the state continues to see partial coverage. With highs in the 60s, this weekend is the perfect opportunity to get out and experience our #ArkansasFall!