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One Tank Arkansas Travels Program Debut

May 15, 2012
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Arkansas Department of Parks and Tourism

The Arkansas Department of Parks and Tourism has launched a partnership campaign aimed at reminding visitors that Arkansas is a friendly, exciting and affordable vacation destination. The “More Fun Per Gallon” program utilizes the recently redesigned Deals and Coupons website and application and a Gas Tracker to show drivers how much they can expect to spend on their trip.

As part of our “More Fun Per Gallon” promotion, we’re encouraging industry members to team up and enjoy the benefits of packaging. We expect to see lodging operations collaborate with local attractions and restaurants and offer one-stop shopping to travelers, bundling an overnight stay with a good meal and something to do. Additionally, these partners might offer an added bonus to guests, such as the inclusion of a local product or premium. Information on One Tank Travels is available on .

The Deals and Coupons program is special and unique; unlike large marketing and couponing sites such as Groupon and LivingSocial, Deals and Coupons does not require an initial investment. It’s absolutely free.

As part of this project, Arkansas Department of Parks and Tourism travel writers is offering a special series this summer called “One Tank Travels.” Every weekday from now through August, one of our writers will share a proposed itinerary to somewhere you can reach in Arkansas on a single tank of gas – which happens to be just about anywhere in Arkansas. These stories presented on will include suggestions on where to go and what to look for along the way. Some will focus on single communities; others will explore the vast wealth of destinations to savor along Arkansas highways, byways and trails. The travel writers will pair up with media throughout the state – with radio and television stations, newspapers, magazines and websites – to share these travels.

The program launched Monday, May 14. For more information, contact Arkansas Tourism Director Joe David Rice at 501-682-1088 or Communications Manager Kat Robinson at 501-682-7606.

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