A sight to see

With a name like The Natural State, you shouldn’t be surprised to find all of the scenic wonders and natural features that Arkansas has to offer. All over the state, we have the gift of beauty with our mountain ranges, waterfalls, natural bridges, lakes, rivers, and different varieties of flowers and plants. The outdoors are our backyard, playground, and an exhibit to the artistic tapestry of nature. 

Visitors can take a deep breath of cool Ozark or Ouachita mountain air and revel in the breeze crossing one of Arkansas' great lakes and rivers. You can hike or backpack through the trails of the Ozarks to Arkansas’ Natural Bridge, a sandstone formation and majestic wonder. Follow the Whitaker Point Trail to Hawksbill Crag where you can overlook the valleys and scenery of the Buffalo National River. Think your vacation has been dampened by the rain? In Arkansas, rainfall feeds the exquisite nature of our waterfalls, where you can witness stunning cascades as you explore the mountain ranges they are hidden throughout. Embrace adventure in our natural and historical caves, where you can explore the formations and caverns in Arkansas’ mountainside. 

If you’re looking for a picturesque vacation or getaway where you can experience adventure and excitement, plan your next trip in Arkansas.