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Make Morrilton Your Target Locale for the 4.8.2024 Eclipse

Looking for the best place to enjoy the Great North American Eclipse on Monday, April 8, 2024? Join us in Morrilton & the Petit Jean River Valley – where the community is “rolling out the red carpet” for visitors and invites everyone to enjoy the southern hospitality of our small, peaceful community located at the foot of Petit Jean Mountain.

Morrilton & the Petit Jean River Valley – The Best Place to View the Eclipse

Experts agree that Morrilton & the Petit Jean River Valley is one of the most ideal locations to view the Great North American Eclipse with up to 4 minutes and 17 seconds of total darkness.  Located in Mid America where the “blue line” (i.e., the center of the eclipse path with the longest times of darkness) intersects with Interstate 40, Morrilton & the Petit Jean River Valley is a rural area with fresh air and beautiful, clear skies. With this location, eclipse visitors can expect to experience a full eclipse with total darkness and the “halo” effect not available in most communities along the eclipse’s path but not on the blue line.

Many Great Things to See and Do

Morrilton & the Petit Jean River Valley are going to great lengths to make the 2024 Eclipse a true experience, with a number of planned special events and activities for the weekend before and leading up to the day of the eclipse.  The community will be hosting concerts, a food truck festival, a hot air balloon event atop Petit Jean Mountain, a pop-up market, kid’s games and activities, and much, much more as part of the fun in Morrilton & the Petit Jean River Valley during the eclipse.  

Aside from the special events and activities, there are a number of things to see and do in the community that are sure to entertain visitors of all ages.  Arkansas’s first and most popular state park, Petit Jean State Park, is located atop Petit Jean Mountain and offers amazing scenery, trails, interpretive programs and activities. Petit Jean Mountain is also home to the Museum of Automobiles classic car museum, Barnyard Friends & Stables – a petting zoo and horseback riding, and Fly Petit Jean hot air balloon flights.

The City of Morrilton is home to the Depot Museum, located in the Historic Downtown, and offering a wide variety of exhibits on the history of Morrilton & the Petit Jean River Valley.  Morrilton is also home to Playland Bowling & Skating Rink, Point Remove Brewing Company, a movie theater, the Rialto Community Arts Center & Gallery, and a large number of historic buildings and homes. 

A Wide Variety of Accommodations and Amenities

Whether you are looking for a hotel room, vacation rental, or campsite, Morrilton & the Petit Jean River Valley have a number of places to stay during the Great North American Eclipse.  In addition to traditional lodging, a number of groups and landowners are setting up “Eclipse Villages” where visitors can camp and enjoy the Eclipse and related activities.  

In addition to many places to stay, Morrilton & the Petit Jean River Valley offers many places to shop and dine. Dining options range from local coffeeshops and artisan pizza to well known chains; whatever you may want, it’s a good chance you can find it here.  Shoppers love our small shops, boutiques, and gift shops found in Downtown Morrilton, plus we have department stores, grocery stores, pharmacies, and anything else you may need on your visit.   

For more information on Morrilton & the Petit Jean River Valley and the 2024 Great North American Eclipse, contact the Morrilton Area Chamber of Commerce at (501) 354-2393, follow the Chamber Facebook page – www.facebook.com/morriltonchamber, or visit the community’s eclipse website – www.arkeclipse.com