Crowley's Ridge Parkway National Scenic Byway


What to know

The Delta of the Mississippi River is a flat alluvial plain that lends itself to great row-crop farming in rich bottomlands. There’s another feature within the Arkansas Delta that has an appeal to many riders wanting a different riding experience – a rare geological landmark called Crowley’s Ridge. Crowley’s Ridge is essentially a buildup of loess – windblown soils that accumulate and grow upwards in formations of 250-500 feet elevation above the swampy areas of the Delta – stretching for 150 miles. Many Delta towns in Arkansas were settled in areas along Crowley’s Ridge, which they often found to be more habitable. The top of it is predominantly oak and hickory timberland, studded with a patchwork of farms. Crowley’s Ridge Parkway National Scenic Byway runs alongside the ridge, up across it, and in some places, down through the middle of it. For the rider who wants to get off the beaten path, there are numerous state highways and county roads in the area. While this ride is technically easy, the roads are, in stretches, very winding and scenic. Following the riders’ paradigm – that anywhere you go is more fun on two wheels than four – a ride down along Crowley’s Ridge is an enjoyable, uniquely Arkansas experience.
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Piggott, AR 72454