Trail of Holiday Lights

Northwest Itinerary A:

Lighting Up Reindeer Trails

Drive over to Jasper in Newton County for the best of both worlds – twinkling lights and nature’s wonders. During the day (the best times are dawn and dusk) you can see Santa’s reindeer, also known as the popular elk herds seen along the Buffalo National River corridor. After dark, drive through the small downtown of Jasper for a beautiful lights display amid the Ozark Mountains. You’ll be surprised how many places there are to eat in this rural area. .

Day 1
  1. Arrive mid-morning at Lost Valley for an easy to moderate hike. Pack a lunch or eat a sandwich at the nearby Buffalo Outdoor Center, or treat yourself at Low Gap Café.
  2. At dusk, view the elk herds. Take your tripod and camera. There are pull-offs on Ark. 43 and 21 in Boxley Valley.
  3. As dark settles, drive to Jasper to see the lights illuminating the quaint downtown square. Grab dinner at Boardwalk Café or Ozark Café. The latter also has a soda fountain.
  4. Spend the night at one of the numerous lodging options (camping, cabins, inns and motels) in Jasper.
Day 2
  1. At dawn, here’s another opportunity to see the elk, or just enjoy a beautiful sunrise in the Ozarks.
  2. Shop the Jasper square before heading out of town.
  3. Eat lunch as you depart at Cliff House Inn & Restaurant.

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Day 1: Light in Jasper, Arkansas
Day 1: Ozark Cafe
Day 2: Cliff House Restaurant