Trail of Holiday Lights

Southwest Itinerary B:

Enjoy the Holiday Season in El Dorado

El Dorado's downtown is a national historic district that hosts beautifully renovated 1920s and 1930s style buildings and a quiet charm. The holidays are a wonderful time to enjoy the city. A lighting ceremony takes place at the Union County Courthouse on November 16 and holiday lights shine at the courthouse, city hall and throughout the town until the end of the year.The largest Christmas parade in South Arkansas is here on December 7.

Day 1
  1. The first phase of the Murphy Arts District (MAD) development project is now open. The district centers on a state-of-the art music, entertainment and restaurant complex. Stop by the new Griffin Building in the district, which houses a farm-to-table restaurant, cabaret lounge and 2,000-seat music hall.
  2. Downtown is filled with many historic buildings on the National Register and has many shops, stores, restaurants, and nightlife options located near the 1928 Union County Courthouse for you to visit. It is also home to Oil Heritage Park, which pays homage to the city's boom-town history.

 Union County Courthouse        Murphy Arts District