What Our Visitors Are Saying


Texans love our roads! - 11/19/2014

My husband and I travel around the state. Annually, our Texas friends love to come over and drive our hills in the northwest section. They love the Pig Trail and we even have a pink pig license plate award that goes around each year and is embellished by each awardee. Those Texans are crazy. Sometimes, we will go down one road, turn around, go back, and come back down again, because we love the drive so much.

After driving back east, we learn to appreciate our decent roads here. I grew up in Ohio. Lots of bad roads due to freezing, etc. We are all crazy car people, who drive the motorcycle roads. Over the years, we see better roads in Arkansas and more and improved gas stops. We stop at the same places every year. That's how much the Texans love it. 
S. Niehaus, TX 

Beautiful country - 7/17/2014

I have already ridden quite a bit in Arkansas but I saw a copy of your guide and wanted my own copy. Beautiful country in Arkansas!
Danny L., TX 

Former resident loves to visit - 7/8/2014

You have a beautiful state! I lived in Arkansas as a child for a few years, of course, that was almost 40 years ago. I love visiting Arkansas!
Steve S., TX 

Our favorite place - 7/3/2014

We LOVE Arkansas, our favorite place to go on vacation!
Carol M., LA 

Future Arkansan - 7/2/2014

I love Arkansas! I would like to move there within the next five years!
Portia M.,  KS 

Ride Arkansas - 6/30/2014

Always looking for more rides in your great state!
Buddecke H., TX 

Arkansas love - 6/26/2014

I love Arkansas!
Jason K., TX 

Beautiful Fall - 6/22/2014

I travel through Arkansas on the way to Texas every fall - beautiful!
Russell R., IA 

Hot Springs visitor - 6/10/2014

We've been visiting Hot Springs for almost 30 years and always love coming there. We have some friends visiting later this month!
Diane N., TN 

Beautiful State - 6/10/2014

I love your beautiful state!
Debbie W., TX 

Crowley's Fan - 6/6/2014

Stayed at Crowley's Ridge State Park last winter, great park and campground!
Preston S., NJ 

Loves every part of Arkansas - 6/3/2014

I love this state and want to be able to go to every part of it. We are making out our trip to your beautiful state soon, thank you!
Betty L., LA 

Time to go again - 5/28/2014

Both of us just love Arkansas and have been there many times... it's time to go again!
Billie A., KS 

Love Arkansas - 5/25/2014

I love to come back to Arkansas!
Jerry H., TX 

State Parks Lovers - 5/16/2014

We love spending time in Arkansas. We have been to many parks of the years and are looking forward to spending more time there!
Curtis T., LA 

Coming back - 5/10/2014

It has been many years since our last visit to your state. We can't wait to come back!
Lucian L., TX 

Arkansas Favorite Place for Outdoors - 4/29/2014

Arkansas is my most favorite place for outdoor recreation!
Brenda Kay B., MO 

Best Family Vacation! - 4/28/2014

Took the best family vacation ever to Arkansas when I graduated from high school!
George D., TX 

Travel Arkansas by Scenic Byways - 4/27/2014

We just got back from a very enjoyable scenic byway Arkansas vacation! The dogwoods blanketed the hill 'n' hollers. We look forward to future vacations in beautiful HOG country! :)
Carl H., MO 

Thank God for Arkansas! - 4/21/2014

Thank God for the beautiful state of Arkansas. Looking forward to seeing all the wonderful mountains in north Arkansas!
Michael P., TX 

Arkansas is my Happy Place - 4/21/2014

I lived in Arkansas when I was young, it's always been my "happy place." My husband and I are looking to relocate there.
EzSonya B., OK 

Wanting to Come Back - 4/18/2014

I've vacationed in Arkansas before. I loved it and am wanting to go again!
Garry I., TX 

Spreading the Wealth - 4/13/2014

I know two other couples who want to make trips to Arkansas with my wife and me. My wife and I love to travel in Arkansas, such a pretty state!
Richard J., TN 

Really Loved It! - 4/12/2014

I've been to the state of Arkansas many times and I really loved it!
Sky L., CA 

Nature Center a Favorite - 4/12/2014

I visit Arkansas each summer, love the Nature Center in Pine Bluff.
Henry D., TX