Arkansas Game and Fish Commission Guidebooks

Fishing on the White River in Arkansas.
Fishing on the White River in Arkansas.

Hunting and fishing is a big draw in Arkansas. The Arkansas Game and Fish Commission is a place to learn more about the licenses needed to hunt and fish in the state and is also a go to resource for updated information on the topic in general. The agency keeps the public updated in this outdoor arena via various means including newsletters such as the Arkansas Wildlife Weekly Newsletter, the Arkansas Wildlfe Fishing Report, the Arkansas Wildlife Waterfowl Report and more.

Another key resource are the annual guidebooks the agency puts out including the Arkansas Fishing Guidebook, Arkansas Hunting Guidebook, Arkansas Waterfowl Hunting Guidebook, and the Arkansas Trout Fishing Guidebook. These guidebooks give an overview of information like regulations, seasons, permits and more. Below is a quick rundown of some of the information found in their pages.  

The Arkansas Fishing Guidebook

The 2024 guidebook gives details on statewide lengths and daily limits as well as details and illustrations of different species of fish found in the state, such as largemouth bass, smallmouth bass, bream, catfish, crappie, gar, trout, walleye and more. One can also find details on types of fishing licenses or permits needed, for instance a trout permit is needed to fish for trout in certain waters or to keep trout from any of them. There are also details on license agreements with adjacent states, boating, kayaking, and canoeing regulations, and lake and flowing waters regulations. 

The Arkansas Hunting Guidebook

The 2023-24 guidebook gives information on flood prone region closures, permits, regulations and more. Information such as who needs a license and how to buy them can also be found. Details on hunting equipment that can be used as well as hunter orange requirements are here. Zone maps and information on private and public land hunting can also be found including wildlife management areas and national wildlife refuges. New this year is that turkey season details for 2024 are in the 2023-24 hunting guidebook. This will replace the Turkey Guidebook that many hunters search out each March. 

Arkansas Waterfowl Hunting Guidebook

The 2023-24 guidebook gives a rundown of licenses and permits, season dates, a sunrise and sunset table, boating regulations and more. There are details on the ducks of Arkansas and illustrations of them, including the mallard, northern pintail, gadwall, wood duck, blue-winged teal, canvasback (the state’s largest duck) and more. Special waterfowl hunting regulations for certain wildlife management areas and national wildlife refuges are also featured and general details on both. 

Arkansas Trout Fishing Guidebook

The 2024 guidebook has information on license and permits needed, trout regulations and statewide lengths and daily limits. Details and illustrations highlighting the different type of trout that can be found in Arkansas are also featured. These include the rainbow trout, cutthroat trout, brown trout, and brook trout. Boating regulations are also covered as well as scheduled trout stockings and information on trout fishing areas. Tips are also given such as how to make a hook barbless, catch-and-release pointers, and water level resources. 

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