Central Arkansas Fishing Hot Spots

Fishing off Lake Maumelle
Fishing off Lake Maumelle

There are some great fishing locations in Central Arkansas. The Arkansas River, Lake Maumelle and Lake Conway immediately come to mind but there are quite a few smaller public lakes and ponds in the area. The Arkansas Game and Fish Commission has made it easier than ever to find these angling gems with a list of where to fish in Central Arkansas.

Fishing off Lake Maumelle
Fishing off the Arkansas River

Remember, you need a current Arkansas fishing license for all anglers 16 years of age and older. If you’re after trout, then you also need a trout permit for those ages 16 and up. Information on how to obtain these licenses is on the AGFC website.  You can download the agency’s fishing guide and trout fishing guide as well.

Also on the site is the current Arkansas Fishing Regulations Guide plus information on how to obtain licenses. Grab your pole, pack a lunch and discover some of the fishing wonders of Central Arkansas – a great way to spend a summer day.

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