Fall Fun at Pumpkin Hollow


 As most of you know, my favorite time of year in the Arkansas Delta is fall! The temperatures drop, the leaves take on their autumn colors and pumpkins start appearing everywhere!One of my favorite places to visit during fall is Pumpkin Hollowin St. Francis. You’ll find a wonderful array of pumpkins and gourds to decorate for autumn. You’ll also find some of the BEST pumpkin roll (made from their own pumpkins!) you’ll ever eat! There’s also the corn maze, pony rides, pedal tractors (new this year!), the pig scramble (the kids try to pull the ribbon off the pigs’ tails…hilarious!), pony rides, hay rides, rides on the Pumpkin Hollow Express…so much for the kids and kids-at-heart to do and enjoy!

But…as the sun goes down…things get darker, literally and figuratively! The goblins, ghouls and ghosts that call Pumpkin Hollow home awaken…and come after you!! If you enjoy being scared…and I know some of you DO…you have three more opportunities to experience Horror at the Hollow! Friday, Oct. 26, Saturday, Oct. 27, and Wednesday, Oct. 31, are the last times this year the “hauntedattractions” at Pumpkin Hollow will be open until next year.

There’s the Forest of Fright…full of “unsavory characters wandering the paths, watching, waiting…patiently waiting for their victims to arrive.” I get chills just thinking about it! Those woods are full of things…scary things! Even scarier than last year!

New this year is the Frightmare Farmhouse. Paranormal activities abound in the house once used by a mortician. Locals have reported hearing strange noises in the house, which is chained to keep people out…or keep the undead in!

Then there’s Bubba’s Butcher Barn. I’ve been through the barn, in the daylight, and it STILL gave me chills! At night, Bubba wakes up and is looking for “fresh meat!” Bubba is mad because so many escaped his “barn of horrors” last year…and he’s determined NOT to let that happen this year!

It scares me just THINKING about it! But for those braver than me, who ENJOY being scared senseless, you need to make a trip to St. Francis this weekend or next Wednesday night.

For those who enjoy your fun a little “calmer,” Pumpkin Hollow is a great trip for the entire family! To find out more, visit www.PumpkinHollow.com or for the scary stuff, check out www.HorrorintheHollow.com