Ride Little Rock

The Monument Trails at Pinnacle Mountain State Park.
The Monument Trails at Pinnacle Mountain State Park.

If you are on the lookout for places to ride in the Little Rock area, the Little Rock Convention & Visitors Bureau, LRCVB, has created an in-depth cycling resource that showcases almost 100 trails covering over 1,230 miles in and around Little Rock and central Arkansas.

The site, which can be found at littlerock.com/experience-little-rock/cycling, includes information on road biking routes, mountain biking trails, gravel riding, and a newly created series of self-guided tours that give riders the chance to learn about Little Rock's history and culture. You can also find other details like info on local outfitters and cycling clubs.

  The site’s trails have been helpfully organized in various categories.  

  • For mountain biking, six mountain biking trail systems are showcased. This includes information on the Monument Trails at Pinnacle Mountain State Park. Monument Trails are a partnership between Arkansas State Parks and the Arkansas Parks & Recreation Foundation. These trails are crafted for all levels of riders, hikers, and trail runners.
  • The road riding section has information on over 20 routes including Harper’s Loop, a classic ride that  takes you by some of the state’s finest farmland.
  • For those new to the sport, the site also has a section specifically tailored for beginner rides and includes information on routes like the Arkansas River Trail.
  • Self-guided tours are also featured and these themed routes go by various attractions that highlight history, art, culture and more.  

For more information on riding in Arkansas, check out arkansas.com/cycling-and-biking.