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(Video) Western Arkansas' Mountain Frontier

Western Arkansas Landscape Image
Western Arkansas Landscape Image


Take a sneak peek into the hidden beauty and rich history of Western Arkansas' Mountain Frontier. Western Arkansas' Mountain Frontier is as beautiful as it is exciting. Located in the western corner of Arkansas, between the Ozarks and Ouachitas, it's a place of majestic mountains, two national forests, famous streams, state parks, Old West heritage, historic forts, a centuries-old winemaking tradition, festivals and unique attractions. Scenic highways and byways cut across the region's rolling terrain, making it one of the top motorcycling destinations in the country. Avid adventurers come to conquer the state's highest peaks while hiking, biking, backpacking,  rock climbing, rappelling and hang gliding. For fun in town, discover cities like Fort Smith, Alma, Altus and Paris, each with unique museums, galleries, performing arts, concerts, restaurants and shops.

Come to the region often. The scenery will beckon you back, and there's always something new to see and do on your return trip.