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Marketing & Communications

The mission of the Communications Section is to increase travel awareness and visitation to Arkansas by portraying a positive image of the state through visual, electronic and editorial communications. The nine-member team fulfills editorial, photographic, and research requests from both traditional and non-traditional outlets in an effort to increase travel awareness of Arkansas’s tourism product. Staff-driven tourism initiatives encompass the publication of e-newsletters, media releases, blogs, media kits, brochures and travel guides. In addition, the Communications team maintains the integrity of and its several mini-websites oriented towards niche tourism markets. Other responsibilities range from working with visiting journalists to developing promotions throughout the state.


Deputy Chief of Communications 
Leah DiPietro

Marketing & Development Manager
Jessica Frahm

Chief Photographer
Kirk Jordan

Travel Writer, Northwest Arkansas
Jill Rohrbach

Travel Writer, Southwest/Central Arkansas
Zoie Clift

Travel Writer, Arkansas Delta
Kim Williams

Digital Content Coordinator
Melissa Conley

Will Newton

Public Information Technician
Danyelle Perry