Restaurants in Little Rock

The dining experience in Little Rock can satisfy a range of tastes and interesting restaurants can be found across the city. 

While downtown you can enjoy 42 Bar and Table, which has an ideal location at the Clinton Presidential Center where you can enjoy outdoor seating and river views.Along with lodging, the Capital Hotel is home to two popular places to eat in town: the Capital Bar & Grill and One Eleven. Lost Forty Brewing is one of the largest breweries in the state. 

Vino’s Brewpup opened in the 1990s and has a history of being the oldest brewpub in the city. Since then it has been a go to spot for beer, pizza, and live music. The Lassis Inn in town is one of the state's oldest restaurants. It has been in the same location since 1931 and received the America's Classics Award by the James Beard Foundation.

Southside Main Street, SoMa, in Little Rock is a historic district located south of Interstate 630 from the core of downtown. Here you can find many interesting spots to eat and drink including Rock Town Distillery, the first legal distillery of any kind in Arkansas since prohibition. Check our listings for more interesting food and drink options in Little Rock.